Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Quite Predictable Really

Jamie Mackie's the first out the door for relegation beleaguered Argyle, gone to QPR for an undisclosed - 500k - fee (and Exeter get a percentage of that). Certainly not surprising, certainly not going to be the last. Mackie is being derided by the Green Army on certain messageboards as being a poor player. But you can et your bottom dollar that with Warnock and a good squad behind him, the top scored 09/10 with 9 to his name, will be banging them in left right and centre for someone else. Such is the Argyle way.

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Anonymous said...

not a chance, think about how many supposed good players have left argyle in the few years and think of where they are now and where they sit in their relative squads!! i for one say good riddance to the hard working player (Mackie) who always chooses the wrong option and although was first choice on the team sheet wanted to leave so in my opinion wasn't giving his all in the final games. onwards and upwards