Sunday, 23 May 2010

Always the Bridesmaid

So Holloway has achieved his dream to manage in the Premier League, and with tinpot Blackpool too, a team with half a stadium and (until recently) crowds and money less than Argyle. There are still jilted lovers in the Green Army who call for the man's head on a silver platter for the way he treated the club; if he had stayed it could have been us. But he didn't. Whose ambition didn't match whose? Who (eventually) went up and who (eventually) went down? It took time, but the truthsayer's predictions came true and the family silver is still being sold off (though Ollie can take the blame for Buszacky, and did he really try that hard to stop it happening?). So the bridesmaid is now the bride who must be as chuffed as a badger in the mating season.

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