Thursday, 13 May 2010

Exciting Times

You may be able to poke your enthusiasm with a wet flannel but there are changes afoot at Argyle that should get the brain, if not the heart, racing.

New Pitch

The new pitch is going in at Home Park right this minute. A sore needed improvement to the playing surface has been apparent for who can remember how long. Though it may not be ready till a few weeks after the season has started. Oops

New Manager

There should be a new manager incumbent at Home Park soon (imminently?), well certainly by the start of pre-season. Hopefully. Who will it be? Will be be the right guy who is able to raise the Titanic and put the 5 year plan back on track? Will he be given enough investment? Who knows?

New Investment


New Match Day Announcer

Fitz has gone - want to have a go yourself? Applications on the back of a post card please.

New Shirt

End of May (allegedly) (if you want it) (if you can afford it)

New old rivalries

Exeter, Yeovil, Rovers. Lovely. (for the TCE)

New cheerleaders with very low cut tops, big boobs and no pants

Well people can have a dream?

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