Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mariner Out

After persisting so long with Sturrock long after it was proved to be in vain, Argyle brought in 'head coach' Mariner to see out the season (and turn it around (with no success)). The title 'head coach' has been leading up to the point in time now when Argyle are seeking a new manager. A manager who will be able to, not only ensure at least survival, if not success, in the League One, but put the Greens back on the road to the 5 year plan aspiration.

Mariner and Carver really haven't set the footballing world alight, aside from a slight upturn in fortunes over the festive period, so to rely on them to take us into League One would not be the best plan, thus a permanent manager is a good way to go. Yet he has to have the right backing and finances to do so. That remains to be see.

Which also beings me on to Crudgie.

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