Saturday, 4 February 2012

The One and Only

game to go ahead to day in League 2 was

Plymouth Argyle 2 - 2 Southend United

Luggy was back to reek havoc on the club he once managed - twice. The least said of the second time the better. And he did 0-2 at half time following a dreadful first half. But a marvellous comeback equalised the score so both teams had to take a point. Unfortunately Fletcher's outlook is sometimes too defensive, notable by the long periods of high balls up to the front even when the opposition don't give the strikers any room, and the defence playing too deep. It wasn't till subs were made early second half that plan B was formed. Because plan A failed as soon as the early goal went in. A point was a battle, and a well fought battle; though the game going ahead does now mean every other team has a game in hand over Argyle.

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Paul and Val Mann said...

Playing to big guys up front always meant that we were going long ball.
All changed when we brought the changes with a big one off and a little one on.
I thought our first half display was dreadful and really feared the worst.
Still, maybe our luck is changing!!!