Sunday, 6 May 2012

...All Over...It is Now

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 Cheltenham Town

And so the season ends with the flourish of a tortoise fart, namely two loses.  Oh well it only really sums up how god awful 11/12 has been for Argyle and thank Christ that's over.  The last two games of the season meant nothing since survival was assured, apart from pride at stake, and the results could be interpreted that Argyle don't even have that especially as once again an ex-player came back to Home Park and was allowed to piss all over the place - scoring the first goal and setting up the second.   However its now time to breathe a huge sigh and take a rest from all the bitterness, infighting, stress and depression the last few years have been.  We're stuck with Fletcher for next season and whatever team we can cobble together to make 'professional', the outlook is not that rosy in stark terms.  But instead rather than worry let's enjoy England losing at the Euros, and the Summer Games, see what Brent has in store for his football club and try and start next season as a united Green Army.

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