Sunday, 29 April 2012

Out with a Whimper

Morecambe 2 - 2 Plymouth Argyle

Rather than going out of the season - which is now secure in League 2 - with a bang, it seems that a whimper is more on the cards.  Fletcher took the chance of a no stress game to get his new young keeper on the pitch, Chenoweth, and leave Wotton out to avoid suspension.  After a lively start the Greens (or rather Whites) could have been a few goals ahead but by half time were cruising 0-1.  Unfortunately the second half started to turn out as one of those performances that the Green Army have got so used to - Argyle lost shape and the balls started to go stray.  It was left to Morecambe to get the equaliser and eventually take the lead before Purse managed to head in a ball parried from their keeper.  All in all it had a party over feeling rather than a party on that was hoped for.

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