Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flied Lice Bilds?

What is it with football in the UK?  With the pursuit of money and fortune that history and tradition can be ridden roughshod over the ordinary supporter without hindrance.  It was bad enough when Argyle went Japanese and introduced a new badge and a new song with the so called 'New World', my god it was galling when pandering to Sturrock that orange became out official away colour.  But to annihilate the Bluebirds is beyond belief.  OK, some may argue that Cardiff and imposters in the EFL anyway, but just to insure the bucks come rolling in ('future investment') a 'rebrand' is essential.  Bollocks!

So what do the new Chinese owners of Cardiff want?  Essentially for them to give up their traditions - a blue kit to be replaced by a red one because it's luckier and scientifically more successful (try telling that to Man City fans this season), and replace their club crest with a Welsh Dragon to promote identity.  Now come on!  What utter shite is this - how can you ditch a club's history?  It's not without precedent though - look at Arsenal's new strip including Spurs's blue.  Or QPR's rebrand.  

The trouble with football is that its got too big for its boots - in the persuit of wealth it has forgotten who is at it's heart - the fans; and granted the Cardiff supporters will probably adapt like a lot of others have.  But, if we allow 'outsiders' free reign over what many hold dear, what hope has the humble man or woman got?  And ultimately we are to blame - for it is the supporter who has encouraged such spending and outstripped what our own country has to offer.  When have to appease those who hold the purse string - no matter how incompetent (in Argyle's case) or how much you protest (just look at how influential the Man U traditional were at ousting the Glazers ie naff all) the supporter, the history, the tradition means fuck all.

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