Saturday, 7 July 2012

Save the last Walts for me

The skipper has abandoned the ship.  Former Argyle captain Simon Walton has left the club to join Hartlepool United next season due to family issues.  Walton made 66 appearances for the Greens in 4 seasons and was the highest goal scorer last season whilst also acting as captain.  His move up north will allow him to spend more time with his family in Leeds, and leaves behind a disappointed Carl Fletcher who paid tribute to the work he did in ensuring the club's league status last season.


BROOMFIELD Bob said...

QPR fan in peace here. Did you realise what a fucking diamond you had in Jamie Mackie when he was playing for you?

I have never seen a player put so much passion into playing for a club as Jamie.

Thanks, got anymore like him?

Good luck for next year, hopefully Neil will see the light and ditch those Leeds scum and get his arse down to Plymouth.

Up the R's

Prodigal Green said...

It always works that way with Argyle. When they put on a green shirt, either they're under appreciated or play with 2 left feet or the manager plays them out of position etc, as soon as they leave their careers zoom off.

BROOMFIELD Bob said...

What was he like when he played for you then?