Monday, 2 January 2012


Patient: Plymouth Argyle Fooball club

Doctor's notes: PAFC was first admitted as a failing patient, financial problems plagued the body and spread rapidly like cancer. The patient's former guardians mishandled its concerns and left - social services were informed. In March 2011 the patient's health deteriorated so much that it entered administration and began shutting down. Dr Guilfoyle was appointed to oversee the patient and called upon Dr Ridsdale to strip the patient's assets and prepare a leaner patient with fewer complications. The patient went through several periods of potential recovery, before regressing. Mr Brent finally gave the patient the injection it needed to enable it to at least remain alive, however the patient lost a lot of blood in its redundant staff, sponsors, players and management. A bandage of player/manager/coach was applied and some stability was reach, along with some temporary players which are maintaining pitch-side progress. The support of the patient's friends (the 'Green Army') has had a beneficial affect that medical science cannot explain.

Prognosis: The patient is still very ill, however no longer terminal. A long recovery is inevitable, and a decline in league status cannot be rules out. There are many complications that need to be addressed. Drs Ridsdale and Guilfoyle have stood down and the patient is now in the hands of interns , who whilst not having experience in such matters and are still learning its the best the FL can hope for.

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