Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Last Laugh?

And so another international break and where are we?

22nd in the table, 2 consecutive wins and the arch nemesis the next opposition. The name that gets stuck in the most ardent fan's throat - Holloway. The man who is, apparently, to blame for all the ills at the club is going through, the mess Sturrock had to rebuild meaning he hasn't had enough time to build his team yet. The man who loved and dumped within 24 hours for more money and the chance of working in the Premier League (no, not Sturrock when he left for Southampton - that's completely different didn't you know). And how we laughed when he took them down and got sacked. A right royal party.

Now he's the manager of Blackpool and has worked his magic into a failing team to lift them to 9th position. Plus, he now had Marcel Seip on loan, who is allowed to play against us. Who will have the last laugh?

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David said...

Two wins in two games, you must be breathing a slight sigh of relief but it a long time till Blackpool to find out if the corner's been well and truly turned.