Wednesday, 28 October 2009

You Don't Deserve It

Been reading through a thread on a popular Argyle message board in which several posters state that Argyle will never get to the Premier League because the people of Plymouth don't deserve a Premier League club. Due mainly because they don't want to support the Pilgrims and even if riding high (well as high as Argyle have ever gotten) they still don't turn up.

Well I think comments like that do a great disservice to anyone who follows the Greens, basically it says that the last 100+ years of support were worth nothing, and today's supporters might as well pack up and go home as the dream should never ever come to fruition. But that's exactly what many have realised over the last 100+ years - their support is worth little as the club has never amounted to much, and continually looks like it never will.

If the people of Plymouth don;t want to follow Argyle then that's frankly their business, but those that do deserve something surely?

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