Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Hear No, Speak No, See No...

The three monkeys of Todd, Stapleton and Gardener (and the rest) have collective mass blindness to all that's happening at Home Park. Their tenure so far, heralded as New World has been more Third World and have lost a lot of the Green Army. They have done their best to bring fans to the club with the ticket prices and buses etc, but quite frankly it's (as Alex Polizzi would say) putting a cherry on a turd. The looking ahead to 2018 is now farcical when the bread and butter of daily life has gone mouldy and it's hard to see how this is going to change.

No one - fans and media alike - seems to have the wherewithal to want to do anything collectively about it. The falling attendances at HP are a sign that people will no longer put up with it - and listening now to BBC Radio Devon's moan- oops! phone-in, the consensus of opinion is that Sturrock should go. Other clubs would be holding public displays by now (how long has the Ashley affair gone on at Newcastle?) and yet the Green Army sit on their hands in fear of being branded a bad supporter. (Mind you how close have the Toon Army come to getting Ashley out?). The Herald have used the angle of "growing pressure" on Sturrock for weeks with no outcome, are they running scared of being banished once again from HP? Likewise BBC South West and ITV West.

This article and last night's commentary by Rock Cowdrey show that the club cannot see further than the end of their noses, Sturrock's match reactions do the same thing whilst churning out the same mantra and excuses. And as for Mariner, the poor guy is probably wondering what the hell he's got himself in to. And it will be very unfair of the Green Army to pin all their hopes on him.

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