Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Great Big Thumbs Up

Now beyond the superficial cat fighting that's been going on over the Thumbgate incident at Blackpool where Mrs Seip and Mrs Stapleton showed their support of husband and son-in-law whilst be was winning for the opposition whilst being paid to do so by the club he was playing against, who allowed that to happen, who the players did not like and have show their dissatisfaction during the Thumbs Up goal celebration verses Ipswich, which lead to Mrs Seip posting a defending article on Argyle Insider which many supporters think was ill-advised and has now cause more fractions in the club and guarantees that Seip will never return...

Does any other club air its dirty laundry so publicly?
Was Stack wrong to criticise the club and get shipped out as a bad egg?
Will Fletcher et al now follow him?

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