Monday, 14 December 2009

Home Park Stadium

The plans for new look Home Park were revealed today, though dependent upon the World Cup Bid.

Phase one of Phase two (keeping up?) will increase and finish the current stadium to a capacity of 27,000; this is not reliant on the bid and will start at the end of NEXT season (so 2011). Phase two and phase three of phase two will add an extra tier to phase one (you sure you got that?), which will add 8,000 seats and then make the full complement of 46,000.

Now even if Argyle get the bid the legacy is going to be a 46,000 seater stadium that is far too big for the South West, though it will be multi-purpose. But,the Olympic stadium in Stratford is being built to Olympic standards and the legacy will reduce it to a more manageable size. If half that stadium could be described as "temporary", then why can't the same logic be applied to Home Park?


Trevor said...

I believe that logic is being applied at Home Park.

Prodigal Green said...

With the proviso that the bid is successful