Tuesday, 22 December 2009

All Aboard the Polar Express

Ply,outh Argyle 0 - 1 Coventry City

I am writting today from France, where due to the wrong type of snow I am stuck for the forseeable future. However, unlike my present predicament I have been unable to muster much concern for the plight of the Greens, who, like Eurostar train are going nowhere fast. Well actually that's a lie, they are going backwards in the least.

It came as little surprise as I drank my £6.50 pint of Kronnenberg whilst watching Canal+Sport (Sunderland v Man City, The Scum v 'Ull) that French have no interest outside the Premier League and I somehow found the score, that there was yet another loss. Even worse that the apathy on the terraces has spread to the pitch, though not Mariner's head who must be under the Christmas spirit.

Apparently, the 5 year plan is due imminently, though what that 5 year plan might have contained could be being hastily rewritten in to a 50 year plan. Most supporters are now resigned to relegation, though there is still mathematical hope, but as Argyle trqditionally spend years in the lower leagues, the future does not look good. Unless you count all the 'new' old tradionally grounds to visit at a cheaper entrance rate in a league that places all the rivals virtually on the doorstep verses the loss of a lot of income for the club, zero publicity and a cat in hells chance of getting or keeping quality players (not that this lot can really be classified as such at the moment). Merry Christmas.

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