Sunday, 9 August 2009

Argyle's New World

The brand "New World" has been rolled out at Home Park at the start of the new season to mark the new regime's presence at the helm of the good ship Mayflower.

The dawn of New World encompasses a host of initiatives including:

- the introduction of barcoded tickets for the home turnstiles. Season Tickets and matchday tickets now come complete with a barcode that is scanned by the turnstile operator, the information is then sent to the box office to confirm the ticket's validity. Hopefully this scheme has been tested with more than 5 people attempting to enter at the same day, or we'll be seeing long queues well after kick off next week.

- a new corporate entertainment venue. Aside from the Pyramid Suite, Executive boxes, Argyle Lounge and the Chisholm lounge, the executive boxes in the East end of the grandstand have been ripped out and replaced by the new Business Club where guests can watch the game from the comfort of never having to mingle with the masses and their prawn sandwiches will be freshly delivered from Ginsters.

- matchday 'mix and mingle'. Players not included in the team can no longer sit back at the rear of the grandstand, they must turn up suited and booted and be prepared to meet the fans including informal chats and autograph signings in the superstore, giving speeches in the corporate hospitality suites and keeping the fore-mentioned business clients happy.

- the subtle rebranding of the online superstore to Argyle Direct.

- the football specials.

Some good initiatives there but let's hope they're not just putting a cherry on a turd and the new regime has a bit more substance.

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