Sunday, 23 August 2009

Shock Ending

Derby County 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Results are the only thing that matters in football and Sturrock said he was stunned and shocked at the ending of the game yesterday. it doesn't matter that Argyle played well for most of the game and managed to hold the Rams out for 89 minutes. Football lasts at least 90 minutes - most of the time even longer than that. You have to concentrate on the game for the whole time - one blink in Monopoly and the opposition have advanved to GO conquering the greens, built hotels on Mayfair and stolen £1,000 from the bank. Miscalculations and judgements result in goals - and a miss judgment by Le Keeper costs the game. And if Sturrock was shocked - what was he doing? Watching Sky Sports News perhaps thinking it was all over - it is now. The Greens are now taking up their now familiar position of holding up the league, far too early to make a real judgement on what'll happen by next year, but not too early to be worried.

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