Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Plymouth Argyle 1 - 3 Cardiff City

Albert Einstein said the definition of Insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And this can be applied to Argyle's modus operandi. Sticking with Sturrock and his style of play since his return is only going to result in the same old same old and here we are with the first defeat of the season due to poor football, poor defending, poor finishing.
Tell a lie - we played well in the second half, for about 20 or so minutes when we dominated and matched the Bluebirds. And we got a consolation goal! Something that was unthinkable last season.

A little tinkering with the formation of the squad, a lot of money thrown at players - and more on the horizon, and yet the gaffer doesn't know what to do with them. He even had the excuse trotted out that tonight will be a tough game (same old same old). And let's look at the suppoters' point of view that it's a new team that hasn't gelled yet (same old same old), that he needs time (same old same old), that we're just 3 games into the season plus a league game (same old same old). The serious stumbling block on the New World's vision is if there are no results on the pitch. A few steps in the right directions now. Let's hope really hard that New World is not Same Old Same Old.

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Emerson Marks said...

At least you had a goal to celebrate. I was at the County Ground yesterday watching Saints abysmal 0-1 against Swindon.

When was Paul Wotton last any good? He put in another dreadfullly meek display last night.