Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Sturrock to Stay?

Paul Sturrock has publicly that he has no intention of resigning from his job at Home Park. So unless the current (or maybe future board) say otherwise, he is here to stay for next season.

Sturrock states that he has lots of plans and that this must change over the summer, citing that when he started his second tenure the club was topsy-turvy and he has to put his plans for change on hold in other words he didn't have enough time to sort it out. How much frigging time do you want? Sturrock expects a huge clear out epic proportions to reduce the squad size and the record high wage bill, as well as bringing in some new players.

The announcement by Sturrock will put off a lot of people from renewing their season tickets for the coming season, though this is not an officical line from upstairs yet - he just has no intention of RESIGNING.

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