Thursday, 16 April 2009

Better the Devil you Know?

Well the time is nearly here. The wish of some Argyle fans as the Japanese are coming. Since the announcement last year that K&K had bought a share of the club there has been derision that nothing has happened. Couple that with the poor season results in "board out!" It could soon happen, as the Japanese are in town and are in "take over" discussions. Is this what we really want?

On the one hand, yes, it means hopefully more money to build a decent a team again and the chance of completing the stadium. If the current board has run its course then a new broom is needed at Home Park.

But at what price?

Earlier this week I spend Easter in the presence of a QPR fan who decries the situation at Loftus Road caused by a 'saviour board' who have been little but. Without repeating some of the problems he and his fellow Hoops have seen, but the potential for a new board to chance the face of Argyle as we know it should be a cause for concern.

So it is a crossroads moment for Argyle and its fans, four options: go for it and it works, go for it and it ends up shite, do nothing and it's fine, do nothing and we're buggered. I know which 2 I would prefer.

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