Monday, 20 April 2009

The Wrong Attitude

Sturrock has said that there is a wrong attitude at Home Park amongst the players resulting in last Saturdays hideous game. Now why is that and whose fault is it?

Sturrock has thrown down the blame and gauntlet to the players

"I feel that things have been done in the build up to this football game that have contributed to the result and performance.

I am the first to put my hand up - not today.

I am not going to accuse my players of consciously going out and doing something like that. It is a subconscious thing. We have got to be strong-willed now.

Everything in the build up to this football game was identical, a mirror-image, to the three weeks that we have just had, and the last three results."

However as a manger surely he is the core of the situation. A manager is employed to manage a team -tactically and emotionally. It is his responsibility with is coaches to instil enthusiasm and positivity. What went wrong? If he says he did everything the same, why did it not work?

What has be got to work with? The mainstay of players who do not work for the club, and fringe players who do who are disenfranchised. Players, in the large, no longer play for the shirt but for the money, but why should they want to play for the club when there is no motivation to do so especially if they still rake in the pounds when sat in the stands?

There is a lot of negativity at Home Park - every match build up reaction has included some negativity - the whole season started on a negative when we were told not to expect anything.

There is a malaise at Home Park that has rotted away for too long, there are drastic measures needed this summer in rebuilding yet another team. However, the excuse of 'time is needed to do so' is not relevant, after a year a team has not been built - how much longer is required?

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