Saturday, 11 April 2009

May the Fourth goal be with Us

Plymouth Argyle 4 - 0 Coventry City

The last game I attended was verses Swansea and it was my last game of the season due to various other commitments and holidays and it seems I have been missing the thrills and spills. Today being one of the thrills thankfully.

This week I have had the pleasure (?) of being the guest of a QPR fan and we bothe "watched" our games on Sky Sports News. Thankfully ours was superior of once! I admit I was not excited about the first, the second and third were shocks not least because SSN were in the middle of announcing the second when the third went in, and the fourth made a hole in the ceiling. But, they were all in the first half. 45 minutes at least to go, and if Argyle were to play to form holding on to lead would prove hard. But as the game progressed the win looked secure and I was watching for two more names to appear on the ticker tape : IPSWICH and SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY. For today's win to have made any difference, both teams would have had to have gained a point. Unfortunately they didn't and so we remain 19th, however BARNSLEY proved a bit of a sweater too as a win by them would have narrowed the difference between 19th and 20th. So it was good to see WATFORD 1 roll up.

I have no idea how the team played, and as we're off to dinner tonight, it will have to wait till later to search through the match reports. Unless someone would care to comment on my behalf.

Incidentally, when was the last time we scored more than 3 goals in a game?


lounge_films said...

sheff wednesday at home this season?

Prodigal Green said...

yes it was