Tuesday, 14 April 2009

You got Your Troubles

Birmingam City 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

QPR 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

Forgive me for I have sinned. I was away this weekend so accompanied my QPR mate to Loftus Road today and saw an amazing match with QPR winning 3-2 from being 0-2 down.

A lot of people are becoming dissident at Home Park with the current regime, but it is by no means a unique thing. Perhaps we should really count our blessings that the current board are Argyle fans who brought the club from the brink of oblivion. Where as our Hoops friends up the road are in turmoil with a management that doesn't give two hoots. They have had 4 managers this season because of fallings out all of which have been whitewashed, culimating ins Sousa leaving last week because (quote) he divilged sensitive information about the club and legal action will be forthcoming (unquote). At least Argyle is run by fans (but for how much longer)

Have you noticed the new QPR badge? I didn't but it's a subtle thing that had got the backs up of the fans for wiping away history. Now we have our battled with Semper Fidelis and a new look badge design possible on the horizon, but at least notice was taken last time they tampered with tradition. And Jess the Cat has been evicted from Loftus Road too. The Rs fans are being priced out of the game (do you know the prices for next Saturday?), though a 5% cut in ST prices and an extended deadline has now been announced but the prices are increasing at a fair rate. Again, sounds familiar (not the cut, the increase!).

QPR were tipped to be promoted this season where as Argyle were to be relegated. Playoffs for the Rs have virtually vanished whilst the trap door is still available for Argyle. Neither sets of fans are happy, neither club will really do anything about the big picture.

Incidentally 6 and 7 minutes of injury time, a penalty and a player dismissed, an injured Mackie and a Larrieu howler that looks a mediocre game on paper, now sounds quite a game. A valuable point?

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