Monday, 20 April 2009

Playing Naked

I can only presume currently that next year Argyle players will be running out in the pitch naked. Aside from increasing the female attendance next year, there'd probably be an added excuse for Sturrock of aerodynamic lag slowing down the players (some very bad images coming to mind now - some of which involve a razor).

But anyway, at a time when most teams will be announcing their kit for next season, indeed QPR will be wearing theirs against us on Saturday, there has been no movement on the subject in Plymouth aside from announcing the continuing sponsor of Ginsters.

There are far more pressing issues at Home Park at the moment to be getting on with and with the alleged change of shirt manufacturer is probably slowing down the process. Though certainly we know that the away shirt will defintely change. But with just one league game to go, it would be nice to know whether to spend £30ish over the summer before the season ends.

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