Friday, 1 May 2009

The Season's not even over yet...

...and the excuses for next season are already being wheeled out and hosed off.

I mean for crying out loud, when the managed states that we "won't be top three next season", backed by the chairman saying "I think next season will be just as hard", it hardly fills you with confidence or enthusiasm does it? Who else by little old parochial Argyle, the backward club of the Championship, would come out and say 'you think this was tough, then wait till next year, by the way, give us your money we have lots of season tickets/match tickets/merchandise for you to snap up'.

There's a big difference between being open and communicative and being utterly transparent to the point of cutting of your nose to spite your face. What would be wrong with 'we've had a bad season, we'll do our hardest next to not have a repeat'? Unless of course they're not going to try because the lack of money/bad gates/economy have been lined up to protect their backs? Whose fault is it that there is a lack of money and bad gates? If you publicly sell crap then you're in the shit, whereas if you sell crap but tell no one it's crap you'll get away with it (who was that guy who had a huge business but admitted his goods were crap and within a few weeks was bankrupt?).

I despair a lot of the times.

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