Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good Luck Sturrock

The summer shenanigans have started at Home Park.

First off it appears that Gallagher will not be returning as he's now too expensive for Argyle, fan favourite, Timar has been told to shove off and fan non-favourite Summerfield is likely to be kept on.

No one really knows the workings of Sturrock's mind, Timar has been out of favour since his head injury and if he's never to figure again just as well he gets shot along with the changing room cleaners like Mpenza. It was never likely that Gallagher would be staying as money would always be the problem, and Summerfield ... well I don't think we'll go down that road apart from saying that he has a lot of potential. This all assuming someone wants Sturrock's rejects.

Well good luck Sturrock, you can't really do much worse than last year's transfers can you? Can you???!

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