Thursday, 14 May 2009

We're all going on a Summer Holiday

Several short bits of news at the start of the summer hols:

Cash in the Attic
Mr Sturrock appears to be having trouble finding cash in the attic after sweeping up the dregs of the squad for the local car boot sale, whilst he's decided to keep just 3 apprentices, the
fax machine appears to not work for his big boys.
Do people still fax these days or can someone give Luggy a computer/texting lesson please?

Go North!
This year's pre-season tour, rumoured as far back as January, will be in Luggy's native homeland, Scotland (surprise, surprise!). With a match in Skelmersdale on the way up.
I wonder if there will be tartan preseason kilts in the shop soon?

Testing, testing, 1, 2
What are your views on the PA system and pre-match/half time entertainment at Home Park? There will be a meeting on Wednesday 3 June at 18.30 in the Pyramid Suite for fans to discuss all aspects of the off pitch entertainment for next season.
They listened with the stewarding and Blocks 17/18, so this is very good.

Some good news, some worrying news and some no new news so far. Of course the big one we're waiting on is the Japanese take over which is tantalising being drip fed through the Herald as being near.

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