Monday, 25 May 2009

Comings and Goings

With Burnley winning 1-0 against Sheffield United, `w welcome the following clubs into the Championship:

Middlesbrough (relegated from PL)
Newcastle United (relegated from PL)
West Bromwich Albion (relegated from PL)
Leicester United (promoted from L1)
Peterborough United (promoted from L1)
Scunthorpe (promoted from L1 via play offs)

Whilst saying goodbye to:

Wolverhampton Wanderers (promoted to PL)
Birmingham City (promoted to PL)
Burnley (promoted to PL via play offs)
Norwich (relegated to L1)
Southampton (relegated to L1)
Charlton Athletic (relegated to L1)

The games against likes of Newcastle and Middlesbrough will get janners creaming their pants, else it's going to be yet another tough season.

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I write a blog about English footballers abroad and I have just written a feature on one of your ex-players, Sam Malsom:

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