Wednesday, 6 May 2009

End of Season Report


Plymouth Argyle Football Club Ltd

123 years old


Headteacher's comments:
Must try harder, needs more action less talk

Teacher's comments:
A poor start to the year in the test matches of August led to a continued below average performance through to September when the pupil was in the bottom three of the class. Plymouth showed some excellent work during September and November when he turned around his attitude and results to sore to near above average, however he was unable to sustain this success, slipping back to his usual slow ways. Another flurry was shown around New Year when Plymouth was chosen to work with the top set and showed good resilience in their playground, however this treat did little to boost his moral. Aside from a few very good performances, Plymouth worked below his potential for most of the year and only just avoided being kept back a year. Plymouth has also experienced a higher than usual number of injuries this year, seriously affecting his work rate.

There has been concern with Plymouth's out of school circumstances, in particular his parent's financial situation and parental supervision. Additionally, Plymouth had failed to make many permanent friends from other classes and could only manage friendships that lasted a few months at a time.

Recommended action:
Before next year, Plymouth needs to work hard on his key skills, including his enthusiasm, team work and confidence. He needs a positive attitude. It is hoped that there will be help with is financial situation, and also his ability to make friends. Extra training, possibly in Scotland, would be beneficial.

General comments:
Plymouth has shown a lot of concern over recent years but has managed to do just the right amount of work to get by, the increasing pressure may eventually prove too much. Needs close monitoring.

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3Sixty said...

Very nicley written and a fair report.