Saturday, 13 November 2010

Tuesday's Entertainment

Well it certainly wasn't the football that was entertaining on Tuesday, but the behaviour of the 'crowd' of 9,500, most of who ended up stood/sat/propped up in blocks 15-17. Police are still reviewing CCTV footage from the game before the league match to identify the troublemakers who, amongst other things, threw a flare on the pitch, knocked out cold a steward and bricked the Exeter coaches. Trouble flared up again after the match with run ins between Devon and Cornwall's boys in blue and supporters as the police attempted to disperse the crowd around the stadium, with several clashes on the way up Outland Road.

There has always been an element amongst football supporters that were out for a ruck - look at Millwall who can't go a week without a clash - , and the serious underestimation of what the match by the club and the police was shocking - supporters were not searched on the way in, they were allowed to congregate in zoo corner anywhere they could get and both sets of fans were allowed to leave the stadium together even though many of the Exeter stayed behind. The first tasty fixture between Argyle and City is bound to have caused anyone to call the possibility of a clash between old rivals, however it was only a Cat A match. Yet PAFC are perfectly happy with the situation. So far there have been 20 arrests amongst Argyle fans.

Now many other Argyle supporters who went watched a dire game and left disgruntled and it will only ever be the minority who give the majority a bad name, but in football you have to expect such occurrences to happen and between two bitter rivals to think otherwise is totally naive. If only it was the JPT, a little intelligence over the blatant goading online before the game at least would have told you something. The next meeting in a few weeks time should see and iron fist brought down over Home Park at the limitation of the freedom of the majority. Though not many can not feel a slight smugness at the way the Exeter shit themselves when faced with their farewell.

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