Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Rovers Return

Plymouth Argyle 3 - 1 Bristol Rovers

The unpredictable Argyle strike again with a superb game from the men in green, including 3 strikes of the woodwork within 15 minutes and a disallowed goal. Although Argyle do their trademark concession within a few minutes of scoring. Even though the mainstay of the team consisted of new pairings at central defence and midfield with 3 youngsters, the players had obviously clicked, although there was a comedic amount of errors in play throughout the game. Chelsea's Clifford made an impact and recently belittled Spurs player Parrett opened the scoring with a long-range volley, whilst Wright-Philips is now scoring for fun. Though one wonders how much longer he'll be at the club; is he scoring to gain interest from others? The result lands Argyle (temporarily?) highest in the league above Exeter and Yeovil. After the disappointing scoreline finish on Saturday, yesterday was something to be cheerful about. Will Argyle sustain the momentum? From past experience, the chances are very low.

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