Monday, 1 November 2010

Team Games

Reid has been scaving in his Oldham match reports against who he believes caused the loss on Saturday - ie N'Gala and Arnason. Argyle's match discipline seems to be going down hill, but getting sometimes needless red cards, especially after you're already 1 man down, is very foolish. Although it can seem easy to get carded in a game depending in the referee, it can be even easier if you go looking for trouble. Even if players can get away with it (even then only the top 4 seem to have some unwritten immunity) sometimes, to push a ref who is already in a trigger happy mood is not worth it. Additionally it puts extra work on your team mates who have to soldier on without you, not just in this match but the next one when you're suspended. Although teams can sometimes capitalise on the fact by putting in extra effort - like Argyle did, and Spurs v Inter - ultimately the games usually end in 3 points lost. N'Gala and Arnason did little to help their team mates on Saturday.



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