Friday, 5 November 2010

Plan B, no C, wait.... D, E?

The Argyle board have become so entrenched in the World Cup bid as the answer to all woes, what happens if it doesn't materialise? England's bid looks in doubt now following the exposure of alleged corruption within FIFA earlier in the year. Initially it was stated that there would be no backlash, but now it appears that FIFA are taking umbrage. Blatter wondered whether such an action is appropriate, trying to set traps for people. It is a deeply rooted problem with the English media. And Blatter is not England's biggest fan by a longs shot.

So, what is plan B, C, D, E... for Argyle? Already it appears that the stadium redevelopment has been delayed yet again, the chances of players being sold willy-nilly in January is inevitable (is it any wonder Wright-Philips is scoring for fun in the shop window now?), and there appears nothing else on the horizon. Can we suspect that there isn't anything?

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Anonymous said...

It isn't looking good! In some ways, will be good for BWP to go in jan as out of contract so if not sold now, he will go for nothing in the summer. Can't, as much as I would like to see him staying on, so would almost be better to get rid. Although, the club will not buy anything with the money and will be left without a regular goal scorer again.