Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mickey Mouse Cup

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 4 Swindon Town

The FA Cup, the greatest cup game in the football league, and yet Argyle treat it as a hindrance rather than an opportunity. The Greens don't have a good history of cup games, usually losing in the first game they play (except for some exceptional years), and yet even though they've dropped out of the automatic 3rd round entry, they can't even muster up enough passion to get past round 1. Pathetic. A terrible performance, that once again was hampered by ill discipline in the squad when Parratt got a straight red, who should receive the same derision as N'Gala and Arnasson. There is very little to be said and many of the Green Army will feel they wasted valuable time and money today. Argyle play Exeter in the JPT on Tuesday, the first time the teams have met in years, and now such a result will hang like a black rain cloud over the game. Expect another loss.

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Anonymous said...

Continued inept performances will end us as a going concern.shake it up argyle. If the team can't get motivated for exeter I feel we are in big trouble!