Saturday, 8 March 2008

You Kenny get past Him

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Sheffield United (Beattie 64)

Oh come on Argyle, if you're going to issue yet another Kitchener plea for more fans (which is getting tiring now), then when they come you have to keep your half of the bargain. Argyle never really got out of 1st gear, and the chances they did take were saved thanks to the great goalkeeping display by Paddy Kenny. And what's more, it puts more pressure on fewer matches to stay in a chance of a playoff place.

Yet again Sturrock kep faifthful to the same starting XI but this time they didn't come up with the goods. Thankfully I was unable to attend, so missed a pretty dire game by all reports. Hopefully this is just a blip and Tuesday night's journey will not be wasted.


Lord Hutton said...

You should be OK at Scunny, although I cant imagine there'll be too many travelling fans! ;-)

Ladybristol said...

I hope tonights game was worth watching even though we didn't win.
Saturday's game will be a good one. I can't wait!