Wednesday, 5 March 2008

On the Road Again

Plymouth Argyle 4 (Ifil 11 (og), Easter 57, MacLean 60, Sawyer 68) - 1 Colchester United (Lisbie 64)

Back to winning ways against relegation-zone Colchester with a fairly hefty scoreline thanks to 3 goals in 10 minutes from the Greens. The wounds of West Brom were still evident on Tuesday night, but thankfully a poor Colchester side allowed Argyle some redeeming face. The game began with the same starting XI as that against Albion, and they found themselves unexpectedly 1-0 up when U's defender Ifil headed into his own goal. But the Greens had to wait to nearly the 60th minute before they themselves were responsible for the goal - and then there was no stopping them as 2 more quickly followed! Although they did briefly allowed Lisbie to run nearly the whole of the Argyle half unhindered, up end McCormick and score.

Easter has hopefully ended his drought by finally netting the ball, followed quickly by MacLeand and Sawyer, who even surprised himself. The game was not without bad points - the ball was given away far to easily and a lot of mistakes were made and there was a serious incident when McLeod was stretchered off following a leg injury (though he returned to Colchester on the team bus). And Timar picked up his 10th yellow card of the season, meaning a 2 match ban - missing out on Scunthorpe and Bistol City.

The win puts Argyle on the road again to a playoff place, as they are now 6th in the table.

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