Friday, 14 March 2008

Annual General Meeting

Today was Argyle's AGM, the full press releases about Home Park's redevelopment can be found here. The Redevelopment out the South Stand is locked in with Plymouth City Council and their Area Action Plan. Argyle want to work in partnership with a company to fulfil the completion of Home Park by using the facilities on generate other sources of income. This needs approval, and partners found.

This is something that some supporters have been advocating for a long time - that Home Park cannot be used to generate income just once a week every 2 weeks and proper (and dare I say well organised) income generating facilities would help this, especially if the Life Centre gets the go ahead. This will, however, further delay any actual physical work on the ground.

Further issues to come from the AGM are purported to include:
- there could be new directors on the board
- 2006/07 FA Cup income was spent on loanee players' wages

- Harper's Park training ground is being looked at
- the new floodlighting is FA criteria compliant

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