Saturday, 22 March 2008

Argyle's Biggest Game...

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Easter 34) - 1 Watford (Williamson 37)

Billed on commercial radio stations as "Argyle's biggest game", and treated as a Cup Final by Sturrock, today's game verses Watford had everything for entertainment - goals, a sending off, a player stretchered away, a referee who though the game was about him and 10 minutes added time.

Sturrock had been unsure about who to field verses Watford in the weeks running up, but eventually chose the same side to that of recent games with only McCormick retaking up position between the sticks after his suspension. Argyel have had many run ins with Watford, but managed to beat them on their home turf earlier in the season and it looked to go the same way when Easter took the lead in the second half. However, Argyle usually have trouble holding a lead, but normally they wait longer than 3 minutes to concede.

The game was a scrappy affair, with very poor refereeing from an inconsistent Joslin. The main reason referees are seen as poor, is because of their very inconsistency. Joslin seemed to want the match to be more about him and in the second half was very card-happy. The local radio commentators remarked that they were expecting him to do something very silly during the match. And taking 10 minutes to decide to award Halmosi a second yellow card whilst he was removed from the field with an injury, putting Argyle down to 10 men, came quite close. Though maybe the free-kick awarded to Watford for - well no one really knows - leading their goal might just edge it.

Everyone was expecting a slog of a match, and in fairness Argyle did well to maintain the 1 point, though it still is 2 points dropped in the fight to gain a play off place with Argyle remaining in 6th place.

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Lord Hutton said...

My lovely partner and her family are "Yer Watford". I took my eye off the ball and missed this one