Saturday, 29 March 2008

Do You Want It or Not?

Coventry 3 (Doyle 36, Doyle 42, Tabb 66) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (MacLean 82)

Argyle were sat in the last play off position, and have been around that area for several weeks. But what of it? Where is the excitement? The umpth from the club to push forward? Just a few choice words about turning up to support amount to nothing when Argyle cannot deliver. No wonder people cannot give two figs about the team on their doorstep.

Once again, Argyle fail to deliver against a bottom-of-the-table team, nearly lose by 3 goals and drop again to outside the play off zone. Yes there are still games in it, but everyone counts for sustainability. There's no doubting now that Bristol City will go up by hook or by crook. And they've only just come up from League One, whilst Argyle have been a Championship team for 4 years. What's their secret? Drive and ambition for one, not just hollow words.

7 1/2 minutes was all it took for Argyle to go to pot yet again after being in control of the game. What a waste. There's a chance that Argyle will still be amongst the mix by the end of the season, but another loss next Saturday will see the best chance in ages slip slowly away.

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