Monday, 24 March 2008

A bunch of Racist Thugs

Every match report this week has been dominated by the racial incident that happened during Peter Halmosi's injury in the game against Watford. Boothroyd has been very vocal in leading this with leading this, and due to the actions of one person, Argyle fans have been painted as racists to the UK and beyond.

A lot of goodwill that was built between the clubs following their Bangura protest has disintegrated into a slanging match due to the actions and counter actions of players, managers and supporters. The whole incident is being brushed under the carpet under the guise of racism, and Dunford vows to take a tough line with the troublemakers (ie the supporters) who also threw objects towards the Watford bench.

Unfortunately no matter what "kick it out" campaign is run, there will always be people who take comments too far throughout the whole of the UK, not just Home Park. All that has happened is people tutting at Argyle and their backward fans, and left an excuse to ignore the wider issues of what happened that day.

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Lord Hutton said...

Sounds like a fuss over nothing