Tuesday, 7 August 2007

St Blazey

St Blazey 0 - 10 Plymouth Argyle (Reid, Barnes, Dickson, Barnes, Laird (pen), Barnes, Barnes, Tonkin (og), Duggan, Samba (pen)

Two green teams took to the field of Blaise Park yesterday, only one came out on top in a spectacular way. Although this was Argyle's reserve side, they continued the winning form of the 1st and youth teams on Saturday.

Barely minutes had passed and Argyle were 2-0 up and so the goals kept coming, including two penalties in either half. Three trialists were given a run out - Anton Robinson, Andre Taiwo and Aaron Silcott - but they quickly found their feet.

A comical moment right on full time, saw three Argyle players miss the goal in quick succession, with the Samba hitting the post for the ball to rebound to Robinson, who again hit the post and rebounded to Duggan who found the crossbar.

As born out of the scoreline, Argyle gave a good account of themselves, with several outstanding performances by players and trialists alike.

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