Sunday, 26 August 2007

Beyond Compre-tyke-tion

Barnsley 3 (Ferenczi 12, Werling 44, Howard 57) - 2 Plymouth Argyle (Hayles 61, Chadwick 67)

Barnsley crestThe league games this season are following a worrying pattern - shocking defending leading to conceding an early goal, normally Argyle get back into the game quickly - but not this time. If Barnsley wanted to, the could have driven an armoured tank and a New York St Patrick's day parade through the defence, luckily they only chose 3 goals but it could probably have been more. Why have a wall of 2 players for a free kick in front of goal?

Who should shoulder the blame for such an inept performance? For the line up has worked in the past. Even so Holloway made some bum decisions - playing Seip after being out all week with an injury (who had a very poor game) and leaving the subs until far too late, at least Ebanks-Blake should have come on at half time. But when Holloway made a triple substitution - which smacks of a panicking manager with nothing to lose - the game changed with the added stroke force carving out two consolation goals. Unfortunately Argyle ten tried too hard to get the 3rd. Current partnerships are not working.

A small consolation that this is the first defeat of the season, and there will be many more to come; and that Hayles and Chadwick finally made it onto the score sheet.

Hopefully this will be a wake up call to all, and we will never experience a week of hell again.

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