Friday, 10 August 2007

The Final Countdown

There are now fewer than 24 hours until the official kickoff of the new season, with our opening game at Argyle's farthest awayday - Hull City.

We go into this season with fewer players than last season, having failed to sign anyone during the transfer window not even a loanie - even McVeigh has rumoured to have gone to Luton. Holloway says he is happy to work with a core of strong players, but with the number of injuries the team were carrying last season, we struggled. For that to happen again this season means we'll be up the famous creek. On a brighter note, the players that have sported injuries last season have made a return (with the exception of Wotton, who still has some recovery time pending, and Djordjic who picked up a small injury over the close season). This is why Argyle, along with the millstone that Argyle wear of being unfashionable, have been mainly by-passed in the season predictions - placed between mid table and relegation.

This is Argyle's 4th season in the Coca Cola Championship - will it be a "make or break" one?

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