Saturday, 4 August 2007

Bristol Rovers

Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi, Fallon, Fallon, Norris, Buzsaky, McVeigh, McVeigh) 7 - 3 Bristol Rovers (Lescott, Pipe, Hinton)

The run away train came down the track and was nearly brought to a stop at half time.

In the only home friendly of the pre-season, Holloway fielded was must surely be his first choice team for the new season, incidentally wearing the new home kit, and they were unstoppable. Like a runaway freight train Argyle crashed through the Rovers' defence time and time again, yielding 5 goals by half time and 2 more in the second half.

But whilst the first half was crisp, clean, flowing, clinical football, the changes of half time saw the game fritter away into a semi-nothingness. Three substitutions after 10 minutes saw Argyle tighten up again with the return of goals. Unfortunately Argyle conceded 3 very soft goals by the Gas, two in that return from half time. But Argyle's goals were a joy to watch, players not afraid to have a pop at the net from distance - only Hayles tried to walk in a certain goal, and failed - the most spectacular being McVeigh's first goal - a volley from 25 yards. And it could have been more - if it wasn't for the woodwork again!

With the improving look of the team over the pre-season, the outlook for the league is looking rosey.

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