Sunday, 5 August 2007


of people surveyed in the south west by GMTV do not care for the start of the new football season (and 60% of the UK population). Is this the reason why Argyle has such a low following in recent years?

What has happened to football - has the fat cat nature of the Premiership and the constant ramming of top flight football and its players, their wives and lives down everyone's throats worn down the populous?

Almost 50% of the male population and 75% of females are not looking forward to 2007/08, which are significant figures. "There's too much on TV" is a popular excuse - conveniently forgetting the fact that 'main stream TV' has lost football rights to specialist pay-per-view channels; "There's too much money in football" is another - and when you look at the Premiership etc is true, but once again people forget their local teams and the grass roots of the game; "Footballs full of thugs [the supporters]" - say that to my face mate and I'll knock yer f-ing block off; "I'm sick of hearing about Posh and Becks" - aren't we all love.

In the country that is the home of football, unless we are riding high in the World Cup, it looks like to a lot of the British and Westcountry population, the game we love is insignificant, if this continues, will it be sustainable in the future?

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