Saturday, 18 August 2007

Ploughing the Tractor Boys

Plymouth Argyle 1 (Ebanks-Blake pen 85) - 1 Ipwsich Town (Lee 2)

Once again Argyle go down to a very early soft goal, and spend the rest of the match fighting back; with Holloway taken ill a few hours before the match, maybe this was preying on the lads' minds. Within 2 minutes Allan Lee ploughed through very poor defending to put Ipswich 1-0 up, who then spent the remaining 88+ minutes time wasting. The game was characterised by a plethora of bookings, only 5 of Ipswich's squad were booked, including Wilnis's red card for a poor tackle on Norris after just 3 minutes on the pitch from coming on as a substitute.

Argyle made it seem very hard to find the back of the net, as shot after shot would either go wide, or into the arms of keeper Alexander until Argyle were awarded a penalty for a foul on Halmosi. Ebanks-Blake stepped up and thumped the ball low into the net. Even against a 10 man Ipswich Argyle seemed to struggle to finish in spite of carving up the defence, causing Ipswich to lose their heads. If only Argyle can stop conceding the stupid early goals and find the target, however having a shot, even if it misses, is an improvement on last season when the urge was to walk the ball in. Buszaky was the busiest player on the field this afternoon, with numerous attempts on goals and corner taking, but unfortunately he couldn't finish, whilst others had a poor or quiet game..

The overriding thing to come out of this afternoon is : Get well soon Ollie.

The next games are: Barnsley away, Sat 25; Doncaster home, Tue 27/Wed28 (CC2)

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