Monday, 9 April 2007

Stop the Rot

Plymouth Argyle 3 (Halmosi 15, Ebanks-Blake 45, Hayles 62) - 0 Leicester City

Three away games in a week, three defeats in a week. Could Argyle stop the rot? Thankfully, yes is the answer.

Halmosi scored his second goal in two days to open the scoring, but would Leeds repeat itself? Luckily, no. Argyle went into half time at 1-0 up, after coming close to going 0-1 down when Leicester found the back of the net, but whilst the Foxes celebrated, a lone man was holding his flag aloft. Offside, and that was close. Within 1 minute of kick off the threat of a reocurrant Leeds was buried when Ebanks-Blake scored from kick off in a defensive blunder that has dogged Argyle recently.
Leicester then tried throwing the kitchen sink at us, and in a reveral of fortunes, it was our keeper that kept us in the game. Hayles then went on to bury the Foxes with a third goal. An injured Buzsaky limped off and then followed a double substitution to keep the clean sheet, but had the affect of upsetting the remainder of the play and let Leicester have too many chances, which they thankfully couldn't convert.

A much better performance, building on the Leeds game but this time with the correct result. This puts us on 55 points which makes us safe this season.

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