Monday, 2 April 2007

78 seconds & 15 minutes

Ipswich Town 3 (Garvan 9, Lee 15, Haynes 90) - 0 Plymouth Argyle

For the third sucessive season Argyle came away from Portman Road 3-0 down.

The gane effectively was won within 15 minutes of kick off after Matt Doumbe was sent off after just 78 seconds of play for a foul that the referee did not see. Only after the linesman's opinion was aired did Doumbe walk. 15 minutes later the Tractor Boys were two-nil up, with the third coming on the 90th minute.

Even with only 10 men, the Greens fought hard but if we cannot take our chances with 11 guys on the field - we have no chance with just 10. And so the usual faffing around in the 18 yard box, with strikers too afraid to have a pop, lead to nothing, only a disallowed goal from Ebanks-Blake, which might have started a comeback for a draw. "After you, sir", "No, no, after you", "No, I insist". But the sending off visibly shook the guys and they took until the second half to recover and start concentrating.

And again this brings up the problem of the lack of discipline in the squad. Being a 'take no prisoners' side, especially in a league in which we are small - in squad height and size - is no bad thing, but making stupid mistakes is awful. So is throwing the toys out of the pram when the decisions go against us - leading to the clocking up of far too many yellows, which takes its toll when the suspensions kick in.

Many reckon that we are safe in the league, but are we? There is always the chance that we will lose our remaining games - especially if the team believe that there's nothing to play for (which actually there isn't except for improvement on last season's postion). So a very very poor scoreline, here's to Burnley tomorrow and Leeds on Saturday.

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