Sunday, 22 April 2007

South-end of the line?

Plymouth Argyle 2 (Ebanks Blake 6, Hayles 90) - 1 Southend United (Clark 25)

With Luton relegated for definite, there is a real relegation scrap between Hull, Leeds and Southend, and whilst it wasn't as sweet as buring Southend on Saturday, taking three points from their hopes was just as good. Fully confident supporters chanted "Southend aren't going down" right up to the 90th minute when Hayles scored the winning goal.
Argyle didn't make easy work of it either, our 6 minute lead came thanks to some very nifty footwork outwitting the defender right on the Southend goal line by Halmosi brought a cross right to SEB who knocked it into the net. But as usual they fell asleep for a while causing Southend to equalise in a controversial goal from a controversial free kick through to a possible foul on McCormick. Southend immediately woke up and caught the spark to threaten the goal on several occasions with Argyle responsing at the other end, neither team able to get the ball in. And so it was right through the second half, until Hayles sunk the ball set up by Fallon.

So exactly who gets relegated goes down to the last game of the season, and Argyle may have a say in that in an indirect wasy, a win for Hull may send Leeds down, whilst a win for Argyle may send Hull down. Which is the lesser of the two evils?

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